Overweight Christians

Overweight Christians


I'm so tired of constantly hearing about how 'the devil' is doing this or that or attacking you this way or that way.

It's as if the devil is a school yard bully who constantly is shaking some Christians down for lunch money on a daily basis.


This ought not be so!


I'm not looking for the person who wakes up and immediately begins to bemoan the calamity the devil has planned for them. 

I'm interested in finding a fire baptized believer who when the moment their eyes pop open in the morning and feet hit the ground, every devil shrieks with anxiety. 


You're not called to perpetually have your spiritual lunch money stolen.  In fact you're called to be the one who is stealing the devil's lunch money and eating his sandwich. 


James 4:7 thunders, "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."


The word in this instance for resist does not mean to passively resist. It does not mean you're supposed to be the only one receiving blows. It does not mean to just hold on and if you will endure, eventually the devil will give up and move on. 


The word for resist here means to violently assault. To oppose in the same manner a Greek wrestler or Roman soldier would go to battle.

Actually it has another meaning as well..

It means to outweigh!


It is always dangerous to go up against a fighter that outweighs you. 


In boxing and wrestling, fighters are routinely weighed before a bout to ensure that the heavier warrior does not have an unfair advantage. To be hit with the full force and strength of the much heavier fighter can have devastating effects.


It's good to be overweight!


In fact you outweigh the devil!


Do you not realize that "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world".

Do you not realize that if you are filled with the Holy Spirit you have a distinct fighting advantage!


It's time to get off your rear ends and put your foot on the neck of the devil.

You can't loose! You have all the weight of heaven on your side!


It's time to get off that spiritual vegan diet and put on some weight!

You born for the fight and destined for victory!