Prepared for A Miracle

“And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” Joshua 3:5


I am convinced by the Spirit of God that God desires to take you in 2017 where you have not been before. I hear the Spirit say that it’s your time possess the land. Holy Spirit is about to move in might and power. He is about to wow both you and your adversary.

But this is not for everyone; it’s for those that are willing to pay a price.

Just as Joshua and the people of Israel were about to carry the ‘ark of the covenant’ across the Jordan, God desires that you carry this same glory.

He desires that His church carry His presence in power but you must first sanctify yourselves.

To sanctify means to separate, to set apart, to mark the holy from the unholy. God is calling for you to separate yourselves in 2017 from some things that have kept you back in 2016. There are some things that you cannot take into 2017. There are some things that just can’t go into the Promised Land.

He is calling you to understand that you have been marked for a purpose and those that are willing to consecrate themselves in 2017 will experience a greater level of glory and anointing than anything they have imagined to this point.

As Joshua stated…Get ready to expect a miracle! God is about to move, but you must first sanctify yourselves.

So as you begin to embark into this New Year-this new season. Take the time and seek God.

Listen to Him speak to you. Sanctify yourself! Prepare yourself because you’re about to get a miracle.