Prophetic Release Pt 2

As I prophesied at the beginning of this year…
The Lord is showing me that this new year will be signified by the fullness of the number 9.
The number 9 represents the divine moving of The Spirit of God (for example there are 9 gifts of the Spirit and 9 fruit)
This year prophetically will be a year of the supernatural moving of God and His power on our behalf. This will be a year of Supernatural access (represented by the key) it will be a year where God moves sovereignly. This will be a year where you won’t need to do it yourself, but the divine moving of God will intervene on your behalf-in your family, your ministry, your finances etc.
This is going to be a year, where The Holy Spirit begins to move in power in His church once again There will be a marked increase in the operation of the power gifts of The Spirit (signs, wonders and miracles). The easing of the dead, creative miracles etc.
The number 9 also carries a reference to judgment.
2019 will also be a year where God moves to judge demon power and its schemes operating in our life. There will be a confrontation between the power of God and witchcraft operations that had been allowed to go seemingly unchecked in the previous season.
Not any longer!
Along with the fire of God coming to the true church it will be baptized in a fresh move of God- The Holy Ghost and fire! This coming fire is also going to bring a purging.
There is a purging coming to the church, the fire of God is about to purge His church. This will not be the time any longer to play with God. Those that have stood in the tribe of Levi and have refused to repent will be winnowed by the winnowing fork of God.
There is a cleaning coming to the church. There will be a purification of the church, its message, its worship and in its pulpits. This time is upon us.
A move of God coming, but along with it travail is coming on those who reject the gospel. There is calamity coming to America. There will be an increase in natural disasters,(specifically the tremoring in the earth) the stock market is going to travail.
Be praying church….
There will be another Supreme Court justice soon and it will seem that once again this nation will come apart at its seems.
God is not going to sit silently any more while the unborn are sacrificed to Baal through abortion and while perversion is embraced in pulpits. The falling away of the reprobate sections of the church has begun. While many will rush to rubber stamp abominations, God is looking for a church to separate itself from such in the spirit and power of Elijah.

Be praying concerning a terrorist attack that is in the works currently. It will be targeted towards some sort of high rise or complex building. Be praying this is interdicted by Angelic intervention and discovered to authorities.

There will be revival and a mighty outpouring of God’s power. Radical conversions from the highest to lowest of society. Don’t fear the things in the natural that manifest, these things will drive many to Jesus Christ during this time. Don’t resist the refining fire of Holy Spirit.