Buried Dreams

“And said, Where have ye laid him? They said unto him, Lord, come and see.” (John 11:34)



John 11:1-43


The story here begins with Jesus receiving word that his friend Lazarus was gravely ill. Martha and Mary had been with the Lord as he wiped away blindness, drove out demons, and made crippled limbs straight. Surely, they knew what to do when their brother Lazarus had fallen ill.

They had to get word to Jesus! So they did just that. They sent word for Jesus to come and heal him.

Yet Jesus didn’t respond for four days! Didn’t he care?

Often when we are facing a trial, crisis or dilemma we do just what we should do. We call on Jesus. Yet often it seems that the answer doesn’t come right away or certainly in the way we expect. Finally, in this story Lazarus dies. Mary and Martha were heartbroken. If only you had been here Jesus, they cried out!

Have you ever felt that way before?

By the time Jesus has shown up, the people in Bethany had given up on their miracle. They had buried Lazarus in the tomb and just assumed they wouldn’t see resurrection power until the sweet bye and bye.

It’s here in this circumstance of doubt, unbelief and hopelessness the resounding words of our Savior thunder. “Take me to the place where you’ve laid him”

Today I want to challenge you by the Spirit of God to take Jesus to the place where you’ve laid what you were believing so hard for. You know that one thing that you once believed for but now seemes so distant and dead that you’ve buried it in a tomb and given up on it.

Maybe it’s financial, perhaps it’s a marriage, perhaps it’s a medical condition, perhaps it’s the call of God on your life. Whatever it is. Let me remind you, that Jesus is the resurrection and the life and no matter how long ago you’ve buried it- when Jesus shows up it will come forth!’

Take Him today to place place where you’ve buried that thing and it will live again!