Recipe For Revival


“Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out:” Prov 26:20


Romans 12:1-2


 With every fire, there is one requirement necessary to keep it burning. All fire must have a source of fuel. Without wood or some sort of consumable fuel source, all fires will even burn themselves out.

If your lacking the fire of God in your life-it is only because you haven't placed any wood on the altar of your life. Stop asking God for fresh fire without putting the wood of your life on the altar. It's insulting to Him. Respect His Glory! The Holy Spirit will not waste His fire for a quick fizzle that you aren't willing to fuel with your life. Your life is the wood!

Paul writes in Romans Chapter 12, that we are to present ourselves as a living sacrifice upon the altar of God. A life that is holy and acceptable before The King of Glory- is a life that is sold-out. It’s this kind of life that the Apostle tells us, “Is our reasonable service”.

In other words…living sanctified and holy. Living sold-out for Jesus, ‘is the least we could do’.

True revival doesn’t start in a series of scheduled church services. True revival starts within our hearts. It’s right there deep in the furnace of our soul that we determine to have the fire of God kindled in every area of our lives.

Today, as you consider this devotion- may you take inventory of your own life. My you make this your prayer:

“Father in the name of Jesus- I surrender every area of my life today to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I submit my ambitions, my desires, my life, my family, my job, my finances, my thoughts, my words and my deeds before you. May everything in me bow to you Lord Jesus and may my life be holy and acceptable before you this day. May you set me on fire with the Holy Ghost and fill me with your Mighty Spirit. Lord make me a conduit of revival today. Make me a carrier of your glory in Jesus name Amen.”



Chad MacDonald

Revival Fire World Ministries

FB/IG/Twitter @revivalfirewm